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Better chocolate for a better world

All Centho chocolate comes under the Cacao-Trace label. In this way, we are committed to making a product that has added value for the consumer, for the local cocoa farmer and for the planet.

Cacao-Trace also offers a solution to the worldwide shortage of quality cocoa. Thanks to Cacao-Trace, farmers cultivate and maintain plantations more consciously, increasing both the quality and quantity of the harvest. Both harvesting and fermentation are controlled by professionals.

Your guarantee of fair and sustainable chocolate

Cacao-Trace is a label that guarantees sustainable and fair chocolate, both for the enthusiast and the cocoa farmer. Specifically, for every kilogram of chocolate sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to the local farmer. With Cacao-Trace, we guarantee that the farmers’ entire harvest is processed.

The chocolate is made with the best cocoa beans fermented and dried according to strict rules, in local centers close to the farmers. This way we always guarantee the very best taste for chocolate lovers as well as a higher income for farmers.

Will you help ensure a sustainable
future for chocolate?

Per box of purchased chocolate, you help invest in the future of our cocoa farmers. Thanks to Cacao-Trace, we invest in training, better infrastructure, fair prices, … in villages of local farmers where there is an urgent need. This is how we guarantee a future for quality chocolate.

Help communities
to help themselves

With the proceeds the local villages of our products are provided with a school, a well, etc. Together, we ensure that they too have a sustainable future. You help make a direct impact on the local community of cocoa farmers!

Discover our Cacao-Trace
origin bars

Peru (68%) – Marañón Box
Peru (68%) – Marañón


Costa Rica (38%) – San Fernando – Melk Box
Costa Rica (38%) – San Fernando – Milk


Papua New Guinea (72%) – Madang Box
Papua New Guinea (72%) – Madang


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